Never Forget You by Deslea (X Files Scully and Emily), 2000. Music by Mariah Carey.

Never Forget You (2000)
Performed by Mariah Carey
Theme: X Files Scully and Emily

Summary: Angst. Christmas Carol/Emily tie-in. Scully reflects on losing her daughter.
My Rating: Three stars. A good video-as-story. Ten years later, and allowing for footage and technology limitations, I think it still holds up.
Geeky Things To Note: My second music video, done back in the bad old days when capture devices sucked and software cost the earth. I found it very difficult to find a bereavement song which was appropriate to the death of a young child – most referred to someone walking back in the door or alluded to lovemaking or was in some other way inappropriate. That was the case for this song, as well, but I spliced together part of one verse and part of another to make a complete verse which was appropriate. There are in fact five edits in the music, but I don’t think any of them are audible. I was really pleased about that. This one was quite cathartic because I made it only a couple of weeks after the death of my father.
Programs Used: Fast Movie Processor, VideoFramer, Paint Shop Pro, CoolEdit, RealProducer.
Sources: Christmas Carol, Emily.