Particle by Deslea (X Files Krycek/Marita), 2001. Music by Better Than Ezra.

Particle (2001)
Performed by Better Than Ezra
Theme: X Files Krycek/Marita

Summary: Romance/angst. Loving, wisful Alex and Marita POV on each other’s tendency to self-destruction.
My Rating: Three stars. Although I’ve since done better, this video has a really good mood, and it’s a great song. It’s worth a look.
Geeky Things To Note: The blue selenium tint doesn’t work as well in RealPlayer format as it does in the original AVI, but I think it adds something. I wanted some variety after so long working with the same footage. Some really good composition moments here, including the United Nations building to “in a Union square” and Paper Clip to “in a burnt-out car”. I love the crossfade from Alex in the woods to Marita with the picture of Samantha in the field.
Programs Used: VideoMach, MGI VideoWave, Paint Shop Pro, CoolEdit, RealProducer.
Sources: Paper Clip, Herrenvolk, Tunguska, Zero Sum, Patient X, One Son, others to Requiem.