This Is Where I Belong by Deslea (X Files Doggett/Reyes), 2002. Music by Mario Millo

Jack & Paul In Love: This Is Where I Belong (2002)
Performed by Mario Millo
Theme: X Files Monica Reyes, Doggett/Reyes

Summary: A montage of Monica Reyes clips to poignant instrumental music for Thank You Annabeth, a project in honour of Annabeth Gish.
My Rating: Two stars. I was very, very hampered by limited footage. Season 9 hadn’t aired in Australia, so I was relying mostly on the generosity of friends for clips this time around. For that reason, the clips are longer and less ideal than usual. Still, as an overall piece this one maintains a nice mood. It’s worth the download.
Geeky Things To Note: This is my first video composed entirely in Premiere. Overall it worked out well, but I still find Premiere frustratingly slow for simpler tasks I would normally do in VideoMach or VideoWave. I used some of the techniques I used in Pray (below), like the top and bottom border to clean up the edges and the captions. It wasn’t intended to be a DRipper piece, but it just so happened that those were the clips to which I had access. That’s okay – after all, Robert Patrick rocks, too! I’m particularly pleased with the flashcards in the opening sequences. The music is from the Brides Of Christ soundtrack, and I’ve wanted to use it for a while. I found working with instrumental music a great challenge – there’s not quite the same ready-made interpretive framework as with lyrics. I’d like to play with instrumentals some more down the track.
Programs Used: Adobe Premiere, Paint Shop Pro, CoolEdit, VCD Cutter, TINRA, VirtualDub.
Sources: X Files through to The Truth.