Timber by Deslea (Westworld), 2017. Music by Kesha.

NEW: Timber (2017)
Performed by Kesha
Theme: Westworld (The Hosts)

My Rating: Four stars. I’m pretty happy with this one, within the constraints of the footage. I envisaged something with a feeling of continuous movement, but the footage didn’t quite meet me there. I simulated it to a certain extent by adding motion to most of the clips.
Background: I was very taken with a Lizzie Borden video to this song, and although the lyrics aren’t a perfect match for the hosts’ point of view, there was enough alignment to make it work. The main association that made me do it was the chorus lines, “Let’s make a night you won’t remember/I’ll be the one you won’t forget.” I was thinking particularly memories (lost and found) for Maeve and Hector and Dolores and William, but also for Bernard and Teresa, Teddy, and others.
Geeky Things To Note: Nothing too geeky here. There is a lot of micro manipulation of timing and motion, but nothing unusual.
Programs Used: Adobe Premiere CC.
Sources: Westworld.