Against All Odds by Deslea (X Files Byers/Susanne), 2001. Music by Mariah Carey.

Against All Odds (2001)
Performed by Mariah Carey
Theme: X Files John Byers/Susanne Modeski

Summary: Romance/Angst. Byers reflects on losing Susanne after Three Of A Kind.
My Rating: Three stars. This one’s pretty. Fairly ordinary in terms of technical merit, but a sad sweet storytelling vid worth a look.
Geeky Things To Note: Nothing really of note in terms of technical details here, but I loved making this video. I was a huge fan of Signy Coleman back in the 1980s, when she appeared on Santa Barbara, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Susanne.
Programs Used: VideoMach, MGI VideoWave, Paint Shop Pro, CoolEdit, RealProducer.
Sources: Unusual Suspects, Three Of A Kind.